Zero tolerance for fleecing passengers, drunk driving

The City Police have announced that it will act tough on drivers of autorickshaws violating laws, operating without meters or charging exorbitant rates. Violators have been warned of action including cancellation of driving licences and permits.

City Police Commissioner H. Venkatesh, pointing out on Sunday that serious violations of law and criminal offences on part of autorickshaw drivers and autorickshaw owners had come to the notice of the police, said complaints from the public on three-wheelers operating without meters, charging over and above the meter fare, refusing short-distance trips and behaving rudely with passengers were on the rise. It had also come to the notice of the police that some drivers were driving after getting drunk or using prohibited narcotic substances and also taking long-winding routes instead of straight routes to fleece passengers.

Such behaviour would not be tolerated anymore, Mr. Venkatesh said, adding that the police would henceforth act tough on autorickshaw drivers violating guidelines prescribed for them. These included use of calibrated, functioning fare meters and sticking to meter fares. Autorickshaw drivers were not to refuse short-distance trips, particularly from railwaystation, bus-stand and airport premises. Drivers should ensure that goods forgotten by passengers on their vehicles were returned promptly to the City Police Control Room or the nearest police station.

Autorickshaws coming to the city from rural areas with passengers would not be allowed to ferry passengers from or within the city without valid city permits. The registration number of the vehicle was to be compulsorily painted inside the vehicle and only legally allowed rear-view mirrors could be used inside vehicles. The city permit number of the vehicle should be displayed outside the autorickshaw, apart from displaying minimum fares, kilometre fares and waiting charges inside the vehicle.

Uniforms for drivers were compulsory, while drunk driving and use of mobile phones during driving would be dealt with strictly. Music systems were prohibited inside autorickshaws, while rude behaviour to passengers, especially women and senior citizens, would be dealt with stringently. Refusal of night trips too would not be allowed, Mr. Venkatesh said.

Passengers could lodge complaints against autorickshaw drivers on the telephone numbers 100, 1099, 0471-2558731 and 0471-2558732 or drop written complaints in boxes installed at all major junctions, Mr. Venkatesh added.


Action against erring traders, auto driversJanuary 18, 2014