The CPI(M) State secretariat has demanded a comprehensive inquiry into Supreme Court’s Amicus Curiae Gopal Subramaniam’s finding that there was large-scale theft of gold from the Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple.

In a statement here on Sunday, the CPI(M) secretariat asked the State government to place this demand before the Supreme Court. “The Amicus Curiae’s report states that the royal family had taken away gold bypassing the expert committee even as assessment of value of precious objects was on. This is shocking. The Amicus Curiae has also informed the court that gold mixed with sand was taken out in trucks under the supervision of members of the royal family. A long list of irregularities has also been given. The Amicus Curiae’s recommendation is that, under the circumstances, there must be an administrative mechanism for the temple keeping out the royal family,” the statement pointed out.

The CPI(M) leadership said Mr. Subramaniam, a former Solicitor General, was a respected legal luminary. Given the report of such a prominent legal professional, appointed by the Supreme Court, an administrative mechanism capable of protecting the unique wealth of the temple should be put in place without any delay. The State government should adopt a stand conducive for creation of such a mechanism. The royal family of erstwhile Travancore had been overseeing administration of the temple so far. The Supreme Court is currently considering an appeal on the Kerala High Court’s directive to the State government to change this system and create one on the lines of the Devaswom Board.

There should be no further delay in assessing the quantity and value of the precious objects at the temple. When the question of ‘Devaprasnam’ came up, the Supreme Court had taken the bold stand that temple’s security and superstition could not go hand in hand. Given the irregularities brought out by the Amicus Curiae, all concerned should take immediate steps for the protection of the temple and the precious objects there, the CPI(M) secretariat said.