Mayor C.Jayan Babu has had the longest tenure of six years as the City Father over two terms from February 4, 1988, to February 3, 1989, and October 6, 2005, to date.

However, his predecessor M.P. Padmanabhan had a lesser tenure though he occupied the chair for three terms, from November 1, 1974, to December 11, 1975, October 3, 1979, to October 5, 1981, and February 5, 1992, to January 31, 1994.

The record for the third longest tenure goes to P.Govindankutty Nair who was Mayor for two terms from April 22, 1950, to April 18, 1951, and February 21, 1957, to November 1, 1960.

70{+t}{+h} anniversary

The details were revealed in a release issued by the Mayor's office on Friday to announce the felicitation of former councillors in connection with the 70{+t}{+h} anniversary celebrations of the Corporation.

Shortest tenure

Nataraja Pillai who occupied the Mayor's chair for three months from April 22 to August 8, 1944, is the person with the shortest tenure. M.Govinda Pillai who was Mayor for six months from September 28, 1942, to April 17, 1943, and Gopala Pillai who held the post for seven months from April 22 to December 8, 1947, are the others with short tenure.

Only woman

J.Chandra is the only woman to have held the post of Mayor in Thiruvananthapuram.

Only six of the 42 former mayors, V.Karunakaran Nair (February 5, 1991, to February 5, 1992), K.P.Kosalaramadas (November 7, 1966, to November 2, 1967), A.Mohammed Kasim (November 9, 1971, to November 12, 1972), K.Karunakaran (November 13, 1972, to November 11, 1973), V.Sivankutty (October 4, 1995, to October 4, 2000) and J.Chandra (October 5, 2000, to May 30, 2005) are alive today.

Only one former Mayor, S.Varadarajan Nair, later became a Minister. While two councillors, S.Anirudhan and A.Sampath, later became Members of Parliament, six councillors, S.Anirudhan, C.S.Neelakantan Nair, G.Kuttappan, V.Sivankutty and M.A.Vahid went on to become MLAs.

The late C.O. Madhavan was the first Mayor of Thiruvananthapuram, holding the post from October 30, 1940, to September 28, 1942. Mr.Jayan Babu, whose term comes to an end on October 1, is the 42{+n}{+d} Mayor. The release said the former councillors would be felicitated at a function to be held on Saturday. Chief Minister V.S.Achuthanandan is scheduled to inaugurate the function.