‘Rs.40-lakh grant not enough’

The Principal Sub Judge of the Kerala Legal Services Authority (KLSA) passed a compromise decree on Tuesday on the complaints of mismanagement, labour law violations, and unsatisfactory infrastructural facilities levelled by some residents of the Sree Chitra Poor Home. The decree was passed after the home’s superintendent signed an undertaking to take steps to resolve the issues.

Superintendent Eliamma Varghese said the residents would be given support for continued education and that they would not be forced to do any other work. She agreed that there had been failings on the part of the administration in the running of the home. The government provided Rs.40 lakh annually. But, this was ‘sufficient only for paying the salary of employees.’ The needs of the children were met from the money provided by sponsors.

On residents being made to do menial jobs, she said the government had not created posts for sweepers. On the alleged labour law violations at the printing unit and the tailoring shop, she said there were no norms on salary.

The superintendent was asked to make sure that the background of the grooms was checked before the marriages of the women residents were fixed.