In the ‘silent and holy night' with brightly lit candles, thousands of believers in the city came together to celebrate Christmas with special holy mass service and midnight processions organised at many churches on Saturday night.

Special Christmas eve services with Christmas carols and candle light processions were organised in many churches. The churches were adorned with colourful lights and stars. Decorated cribs and Christmas trees added to the charm.

Major Archbishop Moran Mor Baselios Cleemis led the Christmas mass at the St. Mary's Cathedral in Pattom at 9.30 p.m. At the ‘Theey Uzhilicha' ceremony held in the front yard of the church, believers gathered around to light the bonfire from palm leaves that were collected from the believers. The priests then offered the prayers of purification. The bonfire was lit symbolising the birth of a new life and inner purification of the soul. Bible readings on Christ's birth were read out before the procession.

Christmas message

At the CSI Church on LMS Compound, the services were led by C.R. Vincent, L.E. Sahanam and Isacc Paul Singh. The ceremony saw thousands gather to hear the Christmas messages and readings on the saviour's birth. This was followed by a traditional Christmas carol programme conducted by the members of the church choir. The ceremony ended with the believers joining them with lit candles singing the famous carol song ‘Silent Night, Holy Night.'


At St. Joseph's Cathedral, Palayam, the believers joined in the procession of carrying the idol of infant Jesus to the altar at 12 midnight during the holy mass. Special prayers and songs were recited.

A Gospel reading on Jesus' birth was also held as part of the holy mass services. Inauguration of an online radio by the diocese — luminous — was held at the venue. Special holy mass service and processions were held at many other churches in the city.

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