Acquire all-terrain vehicle priced around Rs.18 lakh

The days when anti-social elements looking for a good time on the beaches of Kovalam got away easily from the police could be over.

The Kovalam police now boast a new vehicle which will help them chase miscreants across the sands faster than ever.

The new vehicle is an all-terrain off-road Polaris six-seater, a four-wheel drive at that, which means racing across the sand, getting over sand dunes and other tough terrains, will now be easy for the police. Sunu Kumar, Sub Inspector, Kovalam, said the Polaris Ranger Crew 800 six-seater, which cost around Rs.18 lakh, reached the police station here on Wednesday.

Hilly, forest terrains

The vehicle is part of a fleet purchased by the State police originally for anti-Maoist operations in the hilly and forest terrains of Kannur and Wayanad districts. A few formalities with the Motor Vehicle Department were yet to be completed and the left-hand drive would be on call in a couple of days, Mr. Sunu Kumar said.

The vehicle, which cannot be driven on normal roads since it is exempt from road tax, will help the Kovalam police cover the beach stretches under its jurisdiction, starting from the Samudra Beach or the Palace Junction and going up to the Light House area.

“It is a Volkswagen Polaris six-seater, with a powerful petrol engine and we hope to strengthen our beach patrol with it,” Mr. Sunu Kumar said. A driver from the police station had already been trained to operate the vehicle.

The Tourism Police teams and lifeguards are also expected to benefit from the arrival of the Polaris. The vehicle could also be put to use to tackle sand smugglers on the beach, who operated in the cover of the dark.