Waste transport to Attakulangara to resume

An all-party meeting of local party leaders and traders' representatives in Chala, convened by Chala ward councillor Usha Satheesh on Sunday, decided to resume the transportation of waste from Chala market to the Corporation's landfill site at Attakulangara.

The transportation of waste to the Attakulangara land filling site had been stopped for ten days following protest from local people. The protesters also allegedly set fire to the heap of waste on the dump last week.

Ms. Satheesh convened the meeting when the accumulation of waste inside the market and along the roads began to cause serious trouble to traders and public. A huge mount of waste has accumulated right across the Karippettikada Road alone, blocking traffic. “More than five tonnes of waste is generated daily in the market. When it was not removed for 10 days, it naturally led to a huge problem. However, the problem has been resolved and all concerned have agreed to resume removal of waste to the Attakulangara site,” she said.

Although the city Corporation has a 12-cent dumping ground inside the market, but it is already filled to the brim. The landfill site at Attakulangara, on an 8-acre plot owned by TRIDA is also reaching saturation level. Ms. Satheesh said that a decentralised garbage treatment plant for Chala was the only way out to address the waste management issue in the ward.

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