But only after a full-throttle electioneering on Thursday

The curtains came down on the election campaign in the city on Thursday evening with an impressive display of political might by parties across the spectrum. Campaigning reached a climax in the few minutes before the deadline at 5 pm.

The major junctions in the city were a sea of flags, banners and posters. Party workers took out processions and two-wheeler rallies and held public meetings.

Campaign vehicles fitted with speakers crisscrossed the wards, making last-minute appeals to voters. Party supporters threw themselves into the thick of the campaign in the final stages.

Peroorkada junction was a mute witness to some vociferous sloganeering as the campaign reached its culmination. Traffic along the route was thrown out of gear as party workers converged at the junction in a final show of strength. Police had a tough time regulating traffic as local people, traders and commuters gathered to witness the spectacle. A few party workers clambered atop KSRTC buses, waving flags.

Silence follows

At 5 p.m., loudspeakers were switched off and party activists drifted away to election committee offices. On Friday, the eve of polling, all political parties are set to switch to silent mode of campaign. Party squads have been set up for the final phase of house visits.