Four cases registered so far, three of which report attacks by burglars

A series of burglaries, during which the burglars attacked quite a few people as well, has left people in the Pallickal region in a state of shock and fear.

Although the burglaries took place in the wee hours of Wednesday, the Pallickal police are yet to make any headway into the case or take anyone into custody. Police, said four cases has been registered, three of which reported attacks by burglars.

The first one, police said, was around 1.30 a.m. at Madavur, when the burglars, reportedly a group of three persons, broke into the house of Venukumar. They snatched his wife’s gold chain and when he resisted, he was hit on the head with a wooden rod. In the second case, nearly an hour later, the gold chains of three women in the house of Radha, near Pallickal, were snatched, and the burglars hit and pushed Radha to the floor while making their escape.

In the house of Abdul Samad, the trio was about to leave the house with a mobile phone, gold ornaments weighing approximately 12 sovereigns, and about Rs.8,000 in cash when his son Siyad saw them and raised an alarm. He was hit with an iron rod before they ran out of the back door. The last case to be reported was from Shantakumari, a resident of Madavur, whose gold chain weighing two sovereigns was snatched while she was sleeping in her bedroom.

Police said victims’ statements indicated that it could be the same group that was behind all the incidents, but the possibility of more than one group being involved was not ruled out.