CM, wife and grandson visits Irfan

He may not know it, but Irfan, who survived last year’s Karikkakom school van tragedy, will turn six next week. Advance birthday wishes and gifts for him came from none other than Chief Minister Oomen Chandy, his wife Mariamma, and grandson Ephinova, who visited the boy on Tuesday night.

The Chief Minister and his family was accompanied by M.A. Vaheed, MLA. Mrs. Chandy spoke to the family about the treatment and the progress of the boy. She then turned to Irfan, spoke to him affectionately, holding his hands. She also called Ephinova to her side, who put on the little ledge in front of Irfan, a toy keyboard.

Mrs. Mariamma switched on another toy, from which little lights came on and blinked and a tone played. Irfan did not respond immediately to the sights and sounds that filled the living room of his home, but still looked at her, eyes glazed.

He coughed occasionally and his mother who kept stroking his head explained to an alarmed Mrs. Chandy that he had not slept in the afternoon and hence was more tired. Doctors treating Irfan said the child was responding much better than before and that the stiffness in his legs had largely gone.

Speaking later to media persons, the Chief Minister said a recent proposal from students of Carmel Girls’ HSS on provision of a job to Irfan’s family member was being looked into by the government. He also said the government would be handling the entire cost of the medical treatment. “He requires treatment from Vellore and all arrangements have been made,” said Mr. Chandy. “We have already set aside Rs.10 lakh and as and when the family requires more, we will contribute accordingly,” he added.