Proving yet again that there is a wide gap between its rules and its practices, the University of Kerala on Wednesday published the results of the third semester Choice-Based Credit and Semester System (CBCSS) B.Com. examinations, a full five months after these examinations got over.

The third semester examinations were held in October-November 2011 and, according to the rules governing the conduct of the choice-based credit and semester degree courses, the results ought to have been published in 40 days.

According to sources in the University familiar with the evaluation and tabulation processes, the results of the third semester BA and B.Sc. need be expected only after a week or two. “Only after all third semester results are through would we want to look at the first semester result. Those examinations got over in December 2011 and in that case too, the 40-day rule has been violated by a wide margin,” a university employee pointed out to The Hindu.

The fourth semester examinations are now under way. It was ‘delay' from the word go as far as the third semester examinations were concerned. The university was able to cobble together valuation camps for these examinations only on February 12, two months after the examinations got over. Once the camps did get going, the university faced a shortage of teachers, as has become the norm with CBCSS examinations.

Though the university does have a point in that the simultaneous running of the annual system and the CBCSS was the primary culprit for the shortage of teachers, the fact remains that the university could do precious little when even colleges which could have spared teachers for camp duty chose to do so very sparingly.

The way things are going now, many university officials and teachers say they will not rule out a course lag for CBCSS students who are scheduled to pass out in May 2013. Before that time the university should have published the results of all five semesters.

Wednesday also saw the university withholding the results of students from four colleges. This is because these colleges did not submit the marks and grades of the continuous internal evaluation on time despite repeated reminders.

In September 2011, when the university published the second semester B.Com. results, it withheld the results of 1,100 students; nearly half of those who wrote the examinations. This was because 19 colleges did not submit the statements of attendance and the details of continuous evaluation.