Talks are on with Sri Lanka

The city zoo may soon be home to the world’s heaviest snake species.

Negotiations have commenced with Sri Lanka regarding the transfer of anacondas from that country. Zoo Director K. Udayavarman told The Hindu that since the animal would be moved from another country, foreign trade norms had to be taken into account. This could delay the already complicated process of exchanging animals between zoos.

Vets’ meet

“Some months ago, at a workshop at Darjeeling, zoo directors and veterinarians from several States and a few neighbouring countries got together. There, we met our Sri Lankan counterparts and this idea was aired then,” said Mr. Udayvarman.

The director received a mail recently, following up on the meeting and he is optimistic about the Amazonian giant finding a place in ophidian collection of the city zoo.

“First we need to get the consent of the Animal Husbandry Department. Only then can we expect to get clearance from the Zoo Authority. Then we proceed to the final tier of this process, which is to apply for the foreign trade certificate,” said Mr. Udayavarman.

He expects the procedure to last at least six months. Since the discussions are at its nascent stage, there is no clarity on how many anacondas will be brought in.

White tiger

The proposal to bring over white tigers was still alive, he said. “Animal exchange is not an easy task. But dialogue is still open with the Vishakhapatnam zoo and with the New Delhi Zoological Park as well,” said the director.


No white tiger anytime soon November 19, 2013