Entrepreneurs of Akshaya Centres will have a busy time ahead of the second edition of the Chief Minister’s mass contact programme, scheduled in the city on August 12. These centres, along with taluk offices and collectorates, will assist the public file petitions online.

A one-day training session for the entrepreneurs of the 131 centres in the district will be organised next week by the Centre for Development of Imaging Technology (C-DIT), which developed the software for the programme. According to Mohan Kumar, a C-DIT official, the software will be introduced to the entrepreneurs at the training session. They will be familiarised with the key features of the web portal through which the petitions are filed.

“The portal is built on open source platform and features an online application form. The petitioner can choose either English or Malayalam. Entrepreneurs will be trained to help the petitioner scan and upload documents including ID proof that may be required to support the petition,” said Mr. Kumar.

Online training

Since these centres are already connected through a dedicated internal network and have facilities for online interaction, the training would be given online. They could seek assistance when the petitions are filed, he added.

People could file petitions free of charge 30 days before the programme, in which the Chief Minister directly interacts with the people. Based on their nature, petitions are sent to district officers of the department concerned. They are then screened at district-level by a committee headed by a Minister-in-charge. The Minister of the department will be contacted through video-conferencing if needed. Only those petitions which need direct intervention from the Chief Minister are filed for immediate decision in the programme.

Benefits of filing pleas

Akshaya district co-ordinator Reju Tom Lal said the training would streamline the e-filing process. “Though petitions will be received at the venue on the day of the programme, immediate decisions will be taken only on filed petitions. So people will be keen on sending the petitions early. This will reduce rush during the programme,” said Mr.Lal.