The Southern Railway on Friday announced that the following trains will stop for one minute at Koilandy and Vadakara stations on an experimental basis for the next six months.

Train number 16311 Bikaner-Kochuveli Express (weekly), which departs from Bikaner on September 25, will stop for a minute at Koilandy station (monsoon time) at 17.05 hours on September 27.

Train number 16312 Kochuveli-Bikaner Express, which departs from Kochuveli on September 29, will stop at Koilandy for a minute at 00.50 hours on September 30.

Train number 16333 Viravel-Thiruvananthapuram Express, which will depart from Viravel on September 27, will stop at Vadakara station for a minute at 16.45 hours on September 28.

Train number 16334 Thiruvananthapuram-Viravel Express, which departs from Thiruvananthapuram on October 1, will stop at Vadakara at 01.10 hours on October 2.

Train number 16335 Gandhidham-Nagercoil Express, which departs from Gandhidham on September 28, will stop at Vadakara at 16.45 hours on September 29.

Train number 16336 Nagercoil-Gandhidham Express, which leaves Nagercoil on October 2, will stop at Vadakara at 1.10 hours on October 3.