ACV television channel and playback singer K.S. Chitra have joined hands to form the ACV-Snehanandana Charitable Trust, which will work for the welfare of singers, musicians, and artistes in the cinema music industry, who are indigent, aged, ailing and are not able to earn a livelihood utilising their talent.

At a press conference here on Friday, Ms. Chitra and the Head of ACV (Programming), M.K. Vivekanandan Nair, said the trust intended to implement a monthly pension scheme to help such talented but ailing artistes.

“As a beginning, a monthly pension of Rs.3,000 would be given to two artistes, who were chosen for the aid by a selection board of the trust. There are hundreds of such talents who are living a life of penury. We will eventually like to help more as the trust expands its activities,” Mr. Vivekanandan Nair said.

Ms. Chitra mentioned that one of the artistes chosen to receive the pension was one Lazar of Kottarakkara, who is 72 years old. He used to be a brilliant harmonium player.

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