Tired of waiting in a queue for long hours to obtain a revenue certificate? Rush to the nearest Akshaya centre.

The trend is catching on, with the number of online applications issued by the Akshaya centres (service centres for the e-district project) in the district crossing one lakh on Saturday since its launch in March. More than 23 revenue certificates are being issued online through the service.

College students are among those who have welcomed the e-service wholeheartedly. Many have pleasant experiences of receiving income certificates, a document for admission to degree courses, in less than 20 minutes.

“It was a last-minute rush and I never thought I will get the certificate on time. But the application was filed in less than a minute at an Akshaya centre near my house and I was out of the centre with the required certificate in half-an-hour,” says A.Harsh from Attingal.

An advantage is that one can submit the application online even during holidays through the 130 Akshaya centres. Scanned copies of relevant documents are submitted online for obtaining digital signatures of the issuing officer, pointed out Reju Tom Lal, district coordinator of Akshaya.

Akshaya entrepreneur Saji Kumar from Vattiyoorkavu said many people from his neighbourhood who had approached him with apprehension regarding the online process returned back happy.

Vattiyurkavu village officer V.Nandakumaran said the e-district project had saved him from the commotion and rush at the village office. “Issuing certificates is only a small part of our job but mostly we end up spending the whole day dealing with the applicants. But with e-district, the work is more organised,” the officer said.

The e-district programme is expected to reach a wider group with 120 new centres being opened in the district.