Eight truck loads of garbage were transported from the city to Kochu Veli railway station on Saturday as part of a platform construction project.

Transportation of garbage from the city to the railway station, which was suspended by the city Corporation earlier, was resumed the other day.

Corporation health officer D. Sreekumar said the movement of garbage from the city to the railway station was held smoothly and there were no issues of local opposition.

The city Corporation had earlier decided to stop dumping of garbage following opposition from the people of the area. A committee of corporation officials constituted by the city mayor had also found the project to be unscientific. The civic body had cited some technical difficulties in continuing the project, as the site at the railway station where the garbage filling had to be done was inaccessible for corporation’s garbage trucks and compacter.

With no other alternative to remove the accumulating garbage from the city, the State government directed the city corporation to resume the Kochu Veli garbage disposal project. Urban Affairs Minister Manjalamkuzhy Ali asked the corporation to use smaller vehicles and compacter to take the waste to the site.

“We have arranged a smaller compacter and smaller vehicles to facilitate the dumping of garbage. If the corporation disposes of the garbage in this site in a scientific manner, as proposed by the Railway, there will be no issue of odour or pollution. The State government’s priority is to dispose of the garbage from the city somehow, as the threat of disease outbreak is only increasing day by day in the city with the strengthening of monsoon,” a government official said.

However, Mr. Sreekumar said taking garbage loads in smaller vehicles might not be viable, and the Corporation was planning to use its garbage trucks to transport waste and then unload it into smaller vehicles at a spot near the site.

“This could lead to the issue of odour, however we will be treating the waste load with inoculum to ensure that no odour problem arises at the site,” he said.