There should be rehab centres, hospitals for them: HC judge

Expressing concern over the state of endosulfan victims in Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka High Court Judge K.L. Manjunath said they were real sufferers who need more care and relief.

Speaking at a programme organised to look into measures taken by the district administration to prevent malnutrition here on Saturday, Mr. Manjunath said more than those suffering from malnutrition it was the endosulfan victims who need care and relief. A letter written by Mr. Manjunath on the condition of endosulfan victims was turned it into a public interest litigation by the Karnataka High Court and directed the State government to take measures for the relief of victims.

Terming the victims as “real sufferers”, Mr. Manjunath said there should be a process to identify endosulfan victims in every taluk. There should be rehabilitation centres and hospitals. Government should look at ways in which these victims can be brought back to the mainstream. He said, “Victims are now being cared by their parents. Who will take care of victims if their parents are no more?”


Mr. Manjunath said he would ask his colleague, N.K. Patil, to take up the issued. Mr. Patil heads the committee studying the measures taken by the government to address malnutrition among children and pregnant women as directed by the High Court.

On his part, Deputy Commissioner A.B. Ibrahim said the district administration was taking steps such as identifying victims, distributing pension and creating facilities for treatment. “We have been working on this for the last six months,” Mr. Ibrahim said, and added the State government was paying Rs. 35 lakh per month as pension. The State was also spending Rs. 1 lakh per victim towards day care facilities. “We are bound by the High Court directions,” Mr. Ibrahim said

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