With folk music and mild form of dignified dance in the air, those who witnessed a brief introduction to the Gee gee pada at the H.L. Nagegowda Vedike (stage) of Alva’s Nudisiri-Virasat carried home glimpses of eternal musical debate of villagers – who is great: man or woman.

Portraying the North Karnataka’s famed oral tradition of entertaining people were Veeranna Angadi and Lakshmibai who argued the greatness of their respective sexes. Beginning the debate called Haradeshi-Nageshi style, Lakshmibai pointed out through typical verses how every man is born to a woman and how “foolish” of man to make false claims of being the greater of the two.

Amid the beats and sounds of halage (a leather instrument) and ektari (single-stringed instrument), men wearing the typical headgear came in the reply to her. Accusing the ‘woman’ of making arguments based on falsehood, they sought to know how could be born without father. As the argument picked up pace so did the music and the dance.

Mr. Angadi went on to point out that argument that would go on for the whole night would end with the two parties coming to an understanding that both male and female sexes have their roles cut and highlighting how both have fair share of duties and responsibilities to don. “But as we argue, the ones to provide the judgment are you people,” he said as audience clapped.