Deputy Commissioner M.T. Reju on Wednesday issued an order banning the use of pumpsets temporarily in areas through which the Swarna river passed at Baje and Shiroor villages.

Mr. Reju said that the water was being stored using sand bags at dams at Baje and Shiroor under the Swarna Drinking Water Project. The water from these dams was being supplied to the Udupi city. But it had come to the notice of the district administration that some farmers were using pumpsets to lift water from Swarna River in these areas to water their fields.

Water scarcity

Udupi city could face drinking water crisis, if the operation of these pumpsets was not stopped. The Deputy Commissioner's office has issued an order to the Mangalore Electricity Supply Company (MESCOM) to temporarily disconnect power supply to these pumpsets.

In some other places, farmers are using pumpsets run on diesel or kerosene to lift water from the river to their fields. The district administration has temporarily banned the use of these pumpsets as well, the release issued by the Deputy Commissioner added.