Water level in Baje Dam depletes after scanty rain in catchment areas

Deputy Commissioner M.T. Reju said on Monday that water supply to Udupi city may be curtailed if water level at the Baje Dam across River Swarna recedes further.

Speaking to presspersons here, Mr. Reju said that at present there was enough water in dam (about 12 km from Udupi) and water was being supplied as usual. There had been no rain in the catchment area and the water level in Swarna had depleted over the last three weeks.

Depleting water level

If the water level depletes further, the district administration would be forced to provide drinking water to Udupi city once in two days. This measure might have to be taken not only to conserve water in Swarna but also to ensure equitable distribution across the city. “No decision has been taken as yet,” he said.

In order to check drying up of water in Swarna, water from the Shiroor Dam (about 20 km from Udupi) is being released into the Baje Dam.

Since there was severe drought last year, the State government had passed orders to curb supply of water from reservoirs for irrigation during the summer and use it exclusively for drinking.


The district administration had earlier held a meeting with farmers in Baje and Shiroor and allowed them to pump out water from Swarna twice in a week. But the district administration had directed the Managlore Electricity Supply Company to stop power supply to the irrigation pump-sets of farmers staying close to the river banks. This was because some farmers used their irrigation pump-sets round-the-clock, Mr. Reju said.

Kumara, Additional Deputy Commissioner, was present.

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