An Id celebration went horribly wrong for a group of students when some men from a Hindu right-wing group allegedly assaulted two Muslim students for having lunch with Hindu girls at a hotel at Puttur on Thursday.

Around 1 p.m., Abdul Samad (21), a student of MSW at Srinivas College at Pandeshwar in the city, and Muhammad Jalal (18), a II PU student at Puttur, and five girls from his college met at a hotel at Puttur town for an Id-ul-Fitr meal, according to the police.

While Samad and Jalal had come to the town to celebrate the festival with their parents, the girls from his college had come for project work.

In his complaint, Samad said a group of men took objection to them eating together, and followed the boys as they took an autorickshaw. The men stopped the autorickshaw and assaulted them. The duo suffered minor injuries.


Four of the accused — Suraj, Sachin, Avinash and Chandra Singh — have been arrested. The Puttur police are on the lookout for the rest.