The event aims to generate funds for the NGO Music for Change

A concert scheduled to be held on April 24 at St. Agnes grounds is set to showcase the talents of a popular local band Rhythm of Love playing a variety of songs in different languages and genres.

The stage will also witness the talents of dance troupe “Frictions”. This showcase of music and dance aims to raise funds for an NGO called Music for Change.

There seems to be quite a buzz about this event as student of various colleges have spread the word about the event and an audience of around 1,000 people is expected to be present.

Project for children

The project is inspired by musician Ashish Jason Palanna, who is also the owner of a music academy. He said that he wanted to help the less privileged children and realised that other teachers who tried to do the same couldn’t keep it up due to lack of funds and instruments.

So he, along with his friend Arjun John D’souza – a sailor by profession – got together to organise the concerts.

Dance duet

They saw an overwhelming support from the people around them who encouraged and joined their efforts, including their friend Sumith Kumar, owner of a dance academy.

Mr. Kumar was thrilled by the idea and came forward to join the organisation, aiming to teach the kids dancing alongside music.

They also spoke to the Head Master of Chetania (School for the children with disabilities), who has evinced interest in the project. The fundraiser is expected to collect enough funds to support the NGO for the coming academic year.

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