‘There will be more problems if they are switched on'

Autorickshaw driver S. Shankar, who is a regular traveller on Bunts' Hostel Circle, has never seen the traffic signal at the junction operate since its installation.

Although people frequenting the circle have seen signal lights being put in place over three years ago, they remain idle even as traffic movement is chaotic, sometimes during peak hours.

The traffic signal at Bunts' Hostel Circle was among the four signals that were installed by Bharat Electronics Limited three years ago. The others are at Karangalapady junction, which is nearly 100 metres away from Bunts' Hostel Circle; Karavali Circle; and at Kankanady Market.

“We have not been able to operate any of these signals because of the bad condition of roads,” said Assistant Commissioner of Police Subramanya. The police said slow moving traffic at Bunts' Hostel Circle and other areas would render traffic signals ineffective, if put to use.

Although not being sure whether the traffic signal is in working condition, the traffic police said there would be more problems if the signals were switched on. “There will be traffic congestion on PVS–Bunts' Hostel Road, as hardly 100 metres separate the signal on Bunts' Hostel Circle and Karangalpady Circle,” a constable said.

Moreover, there was a problem of haphazard parking of buses and cars around the circle. “We have a tough time regulating the traffic flow and prevent haphazard parking around the circle,” the constable said. Traffic movement at the circle would get affected because of the slow movement of vehicles on the bumpy Bunts Hostel–Jyothi Circle road stretch, the constable said.

B. Subash Chandra was quite blunt when asked whether traffic signals at Bunts' Hostel Circle should become operational. “What will be its use when the junction is in a bad shape? It will be of great help if the authorities first improve the condition of the junction and the roads joining it, especially the pothole-filled road leading to Jyothi Circle. If this is done we will not need traffic signals here,” he said.

Veerendra Prabhu, a software engineer, said people with two-wheelers were the ones who had been facing the brunt of the bad condition of the junction and the Bunts Hostel- Jyothi Circle Road. “I wonder where the tax paid by us is going. They have just filled potholes with mud and no permanent work is being done,” he said. Police Commissioner Seemant Kumar Singh said operation of the signals was affected following road concreting work.

“We cannot start operating the signals unless the roadworks are completed. Arrangements for proper parking of vehicles near Bunts Hostel Circle should be made,” he said.

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