For motorists, the consequences of a long traffic jam or driving down a dusty road are a thick layer of dust deposited on the face, in the eyes, and wheezing. For traffic policemen, this is a daily scene, where their duty of directing traffic can lead to permanent damage to lungs.

To ensure that policemen are equipped to handle dust and smoke, Biocon Oncotherapeutics in association with the City Traffic Department organised a series of talks on cancer prevention, lung conditions, and even distributed face masks among traffic policemen on Sunday.

Around 150 three-layered masks that will supply filtered air, to be used by traffic policeman on duty, were distributed. Made from rubber, the masks would apply no pressure on the face and were washable, said Biocon representatives.

However, a traffic policeman who tried the mask on said it felt very bulky.

A free lung capacity (spirometer) check-up was organised. Oncologist Krishna Prasad also gave them a talk and chest physician Giridhar B. gave them a list of guidelines on how to prevent lung infections and asthma.

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