Tiger population at Pilikula Biological Park on the outskirts of the city is on the rise as two cubs born two weeks ago have now opened their eyes.

According to the director of the park H. Jayaprakash Bhandary the six-year-old Netra gave birth to two male cubs two weeks ago.

Including the cubs the park now has nine tigers.

The park gave two tigers, a male and a female, to Surat zoo a month ago. In addition it gave two barking deer and two black bucks to the same zoo under an animal exchange programme.

The park got five spoonbills, four Rhesus macaque and two white headed langurs.

He said that a male tiger at the park was exchanged with a female tiger of Hyderabad zoo (Nehru Zoological Park) a month ago.

Tigers were being exchanged with for two reasons. It is to avoid congestion at the park and to avoid same bloodline and have mixed bloodline tigers at the park.

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