The city police have decided to get tough on those taking the law into their hands and assaulting couples belonging to two different communities. Those engaging in intercommunity fights are also under the watch.

Those arrested in cases of assaulting couples on the plea that they were engaged in immoral acts have been made to sign bonds assuring the police that they would show good conduct in future.

“We are firm on invoking provisions of the Goonda Act if these people are found committing such offences. Regardless of the community they belong to, police will be invoking provisions that enable (us) to keep such persons under preventive detention,” Mangalore Police Commissioner R. Hithendra told The Hindu.

A week ago, Additional Director General of Police (Law and Order) M.N. Reddi made it clear in Bangalore that the police was firm on curbing instances of “moral policing” in coastal areas.

“These are clear cases of rowdy activities and they will be curbed with an iron hand by the Police, within the ambit of law,” he said.

Mr. Reddi said, the Mangalore City police was taking up proposals for preventive detention of a number of “rowdies” and “goondas”. Mr. Reddi said the action was purely in the interest of public peace, tranquility and protection of innocent law-abiding citizens.

Among those who have been made to sign bonds is Subash Padil, the prime accused in the attack on young men and women at a home stay on July 28, 2012.

Among others who have been made to sign bonds include a few activists from different communities who are known to make speeches that incite religious passion.

These persons are booked under the provisions of Sections 107 (security for keeping peace in other cases), 108 (security for good behaviour for persons disseminating seditious matter), 109 (security for good behaviour from suspected persons) and 110 (security for good behaviour from habitual offenders) of Criminal Procedure Code. This action of the police has been questioned by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

The BJP MLC Monappa Bhandary at a press conference held recently said the police were targeting “social workers” like Subhash Padil, Sharan Pumpwell and Pradeep Pumpwell who were involved in anti-cow slaughter protests.

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