Governor H.R. Bhardwaj on Wednesday called upon engineers to analyse issues pertaining to efficient use of natural resources, environment protection and safety, and health and welfare of common people before finalising designs of infrastructure projects.

He was addressing a gathering at the seventh convocation of the National Institute of Technology - Karnataka (NIT-K) at Surathkal.

The Governor said it was accepted that the major role of engineers was to apply scientific knowledge for providing infrastructure facilities. But issues pertaining to the common man were also important while preparing their designs.

Mr. Bhardwaj said: “…protecting the environment and ensuring social equity are now critical issues which must be factored into modern engineering designs….”

“There is a need to redefine, restructure and re-organise our technical and engineering systems and organisations so as to secure the precious natural resources of the country and ensure their sustainable utilisation,” he said.

The Governor said that the State had produced some of the finest engineers, including Sir M. Visvesvaraya, who have contributed to the betterment of society.

He called upon students to “maintain a spirit of inquiry”. “Think out of the box and be prepared to explore new frontiers of science and technology.”

Mr. Bhardwaj said that it was increasingly being realised that creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship were the key factors for sustained economic growth of a nation.

The Governor said that it was the responsibility of the graduates who had passed out of the institute to give back to the people of the country the fruits of technological advancements.

He said: “Remember that the nation has made an investment in you, and now it is time for you to deliver. Become entrepreneurs and contribute to society by creating jobs and wealth for your fellow citizens.”

Chairman, Board of Governors, NIT-K, Goverdhan Mehta suggested to the faculty of the institute to upgrade the infrastructure facilities for research activities. He asked the faculty members to institute an annual innovator award for a best student and a best teacher of the institute.

Director of the NIT-K Sandeep Sancheti said the institute now offered 27 postgraduate courses and nine undergraduate courses.

In 2008-09, he said, 132 companies recruited 401 (82 per cent) of B.Tech. graduates of the institute. Overall, 68 per cent of the students, including B.Tech., M.Tech., MCA, MSc. and MBA graduates, were placed during the year, he said.

In all, 875 candidates were eligible to receive various degrees in the convocation. They included 50 researchers who had completed Ph.D. Top rank-holders in different disciplines were given gold medals and certificates.

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