Jagadish (24) can barely walk a few steps. All that he can manage is to come out of his house and sit on a plastic chair under a tree outside his hut in Bengre-Bokkapatna.

He has to be hospitalised twice or thrice a year for a wound on his right leg which refuses to heal. His mother, Sunanda Suresh, works in a cashew processing unit at Baikampady. A little after she left her house on Thursday morning to buy some medicines for Mr. Jagadish, strong winds blew the hut down, crushing the television, a mixer-grinder, utensils, etc. Jagadish had just stepped out of the hut. “Since both mother and son were out of the hut, they were saved,” said Ammanni, a neighbour. “Only last month, she (Ms. Sunanda) had got electricity connection and wiring done by paying Rs. 7,000 so that her son could spend his time watching television,” Ms. Ammanni said. Ms. Sunanda, whose husband died when her son was 15 days old, said she had been living in the same hut for 30 years. Ms. Sunanda said she would not be able to re-build the hut on her own.

The local councillor, Santhosh Kumar, told The Hindu that since the hut had no door number, the corporation could not help them. He said he would try to raise some money for the family.

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