The Deputy Director of Public Instruction will issue a circular to schools in the district asking teachers not to publicly identify students as belonging to Schedule Castes and Scheduled Tribes (SC/ST). The circular, yet to be sent out on Monday, follows complaints by activists and parents during consecutive monthly grievance meets held at the City Police Commissioner’s Office.

“The draft has been prepared and we will send it to the Block Education Officers (BEO) on Monday. The circular will direct them not to publicly identify students as SC or ST. The teachers will be instructed to ask about the student’s scholarships after class,” Moses Jayashekhar, DDPI said on Sunday.

The issue was raised again by Dalit activists during the police meet held on Sunday. “In places such as Mangalore University, the list of those who get SC/ST scholarships are put up in public. This has lead to a lot of students being targeted, and many have stopped applying for these scholarships,” said activist P. Keshav.

During the meet in October, numerous activists had complained that teachers often asked students who have received government scholarships to identify themselves, which subsequently led to the children being chided or bullied by other students. Police Commissioner Manish Kharbikar said discussions were held with the district social welfare officer and DDPI who had promised to rectify the issue.

No PCR in Mulki

Activist Manjunath P. pointed out that the PCR (Police Control Room) vehicle, which attends to emergency situations and area patrolling, has not been in operation at the Mulki Police station since it met with an accident in June. “There is no patrolling now, and if there is trouble, there is no vehicle to rush to the spot,” he said.

However, D. Dharmaiah, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime) said it was an administrative issue that can be addressed when funds are released. “The Inspector has a jeep, while all police personnel there have motorbikes. There should not be any problem should a situation arise,” he said.

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