A few students from Expert College, Kodialbail, have been admitted to a private hospital for viral fever. Following the rapid card test there was a suspicion that the students suffered from dengue.

District Disease Surveillance Officer B.V. Rajesh, said around 13 students were admitted to the hospital on Tuesday. The hospital doctors have done the rapid test which shows positive for dengue. It can be confirmed only by ELISA test which can be done only after six days when it will be possible to detect antibodies for dengue in the bloodstream. Dr. Rajesh said the Mangalore City Corporation Health Officer and other health department personnel met the students and also visited the college in Kodialbail on Tuesday. He will be visiting the hospital and also the college on Wednesday.

Chairman of Expert Educational and Charitable Foundation Narendra L. Nayak said about seven students had been admitted to the hospital after they had been diagnosed with viral fever. “We can’t be sure this is dengue,” he said. As a precautionary measure and to prevent it from spreading, students were admitted to the hospital. Mr. Nayak said measures, including removing fresh water puddles, had been taken in the college hostel to prevent infection caused due to mosquito bites. “Awareness and preventive drives are ongoing activities carried out all round the year,” he said.

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