Students from Kerala, living in the city, formed a human chain near Town Hall here on Wednesday to draw the attention to the issue of Mullaperiyar dam and its affect on the people living in four districts of Kerala.

They are members of “Keralite Students of Mangalore”. Nidhin Mathew, a member of the association, said that if the Mullaperiyar dam breached, people of Ernakulam, Alappuzha, Idukki, and Kottayam would be affected.

The members demanded that the water-level in the dam be reduced to 120 ft, which was a safe level. The solution to the issue was to use the “spillway” in the dam, which took water to the Periyar river after it reached a certain level.

The solution was to break the “spillway” partially so excess water flowed from the river to the Idukki reservoir, which had shutters to control the water flow, they said.

“We are sending letters to the President, Prime Minister, and Kerala Chief Minister and the Leader of the Opposition in the Kerala Legislative Assembly,” Mr. Mathew said.