As Kannika Naik, a first year student of MBA, swept a footpath clean on the Mangalore University campus, it was also a lesson on management — the joy of working together. “Since it is a team work, it’s always fun,” she said.

Kannika was among the many students who participated in the ‘Campus Cleaning Programme’, organised by the Mangalore University Teachers’ Association, on Thursday.

“We were told to clean the surroundings of our department, and we did our best. In addition, it was a good break from the daily curriculum and classes,” said Ajithesh, a student of the Yoga Department.

“Heads of department, chairpersons, and professors, too, joined us in cleaning the campus. We are very happy,” said Payaswini Shetty, a student of Mass Communication and Journalism (MCJ).

Some students wished the campus should have been cleaned much earlier and not at the end of the academic year. Shoheb, a journalism student, said, “The organisers have kept it for the last moment. However, better late than never.”

Ironically, the volunteers who used plastic gloves threw them here and there. Payaswini, pointing out to the littered gloves, said students should be made aware of the impact of plastics on the environment.

Sunil of the Kannada Department said that placing more dustbins would improve cleanliness of the campus.

“Surprisingly, while cleaning we could find some alcohol bottles and gutka wrappers. It should be looked into,” he said.

Vice Chancellor of Mangalore University T.C. Shivashankara Murthy said, “Campus cleaning programme should be a continuous process”, and promised to place two dustbins at different locations on the campus — one for plastic and the other for biodegradables.