Society has to take responsibility to ensure women feel safe walking the streets of the city in the night, said Health Minister U.T. Khader.

Mr. Khader was answering a question as to whether the Congress government could make the city safe for women at nights. He was participating in an interaction programme on the development of coastal Karnataka organised by the Catholic Chamber of Commerce and Industry at the Bishop House on Saturday.

Mr. Khader said people had to ensure safety of women. Government cannot do much in this regard. The government would ensure punishjment to the people involved in cases of harassment of women. Earlier Catholic Chamber of Commerce and Industry submitted to Environment Minister B. Ramanath Rai a memorandum related to the demand for the development of Coastal Karnataka. They demanded a four-lane road between Hassan and Mangalore and a flyover at the busy Nantoor Junction in Mangalore. They also demanded better approach roads to Mangalore International Airport and introduction of nano taxis in Mangalore.

Mangalore (South) MLA J.R. Lobo and Mangalore (North) MLA Moiuddin Bawa participated in the programme.

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