Manipal Sand Heart Team and Artists’ Forum, which are known for creating sand and clay sculptures on various social themes, have created a clay sculpture here focusing on the importance of voting.

The team of artists comprising Venki Palimar and Srinath Manipal have created a clay sculpture on this subject under the guidance of senior artist Ramesh Rao. The sculpture has been exhibited on the premises of the Drishya School of Arts. The sculpture would remain in display till the evening of May 5, the date of polling for the Assembly elections in the State. “Our sculpture is aimed at creating awareness about voting among the voters,” Mr. Manipal said.

The clay sculpture is three feet high and three-and-a-half-feet wide. The sculpture shows a voter (on the left hand corner) with a ballot seal, contemplating whom he should vote for.

Every vote matters

Four politicians have been shown in the sculpture. They represent both good and bad politicians. They are shown sitting in their own forts, making their own plans. Below the sculpture, a placard has been kept, which proclaims: “Arise, enlightened voters, go and vote”.

Mr. Manipal said that voting is an important right of the citizens in a democracy and they should use it. People should not sit in their homes on the polling day (May 5) giving lame excuses that all politicians were corrupt and that there was no point in voting. “Every vote is important and it has the power to bring about a change,” he said.

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