Members of the Social Democratic Party of India gathered in protest on Saturday to demand that the government abolish Form 9 and Form 11 (that deal with taxes and other fees while transacting land) of the Karnataka Panchayat Raj Rules.

Akbar Ali, SDPI District General Secretary, said the present regulations, which have been applied for areas coming under Mangalore Urban Development Authority here, have made it “nearly impossible” to buy, sell, convert or develop land.

“The rule is causing numerous problems in the district where there are many marginal landowners,” he said. Landowners and buyers have to already contend with 11-e map, power of attorney, stamping rules among others, and this has only added to their problems, said the protesters.

According to the party, the new rules view the land as a “single layout”. “If you have one acre of land, 45 per cent of it should be garden, parking, roads, among others.

“Permission of MUDA was required for conversion of agricultural land, or handing over of land as inheritance. Records of rights, tenancy and crops have to be taken from taluk office, while documents should be given to the local gram panchayat (under MUDA limits). Because of this, a marginal farmer has to run to various departments to collect various documents. The law does not make any sense here,” said Mr. Ali.

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