Artists of the Manipal Sand Heart Team carved a sand sculpture to create awareness on World Heart Day on the Kaup beach near Udupi on Thursday.

Srinath Manipal, Venki Palimar and Ravi Hirebettu carved out a sculpture, where the heart resembled a human face surrounded by cigarettes and two crocodiles were shown moving menacingly to devour the heart.

One placard said “Protect Me” while the other said “One World, One Home and One Heart”, echoing the theme of this year’s World Heart Day. The placards were planted near the sculpture.

Leader of the team Mr. Manipal, according to the press release issued by the team, said that cigarette smoking was not good for heart and to highlight the point burnt cigarettes were shown in the sculpture, while the crocodiles represented other bad habits. “The heart in the form of a face is pleading for it to be protected from bad habits,” he said.

He said people were damaging the heart with their unhealthy habits and sedentary lifestyle. “Our aim is to create awareness about the increase in the incidents of cardiac diseases and to encourage people to develop healthy habits,” Mr. Manipal said.