More than 1,000 staff in aided colleges await wages for two to four months

More than 1,000 teaching and non-teaching staff in 56 government-aided private Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) colleges in the State have not got their salary over the last two to four months.

Somashekara Murthy, president, Karnataka State Aided B.Ed. Colleges’ Teachers’ Association, said the government has not released the salary of teachers and non-teaching staff in 22 colleges for four months, i.e., for March, June, July and August.Teachers and non-teaching staff in 24 colleges have not got their salary for July and August.

The government brought the B.Ed. colleges under the Department of Collegiate Education from this April. They were under the administrative control of Directorate of State Educational Research and Training. The salary problem, he says, is something to do with the transition.

He said the salary issue has affected about 1,200 people, who could not pay their house rents, tuition fees of children, instalments of home and vehicle loans and insurance premiums.

Mr. Murthy said the office-bearers of the association have tried in vain to seek government's intervention. A blame-game is allegedly under way between the regional offices of the Joint Directors of Collegiate Education and the head office. If officials in the regional offices claim that they have sent the salary indent to the head office, the officials in the head office say they have not received them.

Mr. Murthy said that teachers and non-teaching staff in 24 colleges got the salary for April and May last month. If all the salary due was not released this month teachers and non-teaching staff would be forced to launch an agitation, he said.

B.G. Nanda Kumar, Commissioner, Department of Collegiate Education, promised to address the issue.

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