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A few days ago, organisers at an event to mark the centenary celebrations of the Catholic Association of South Kanara, were rushing around to ensure everything was in order. The event was to be inaugurated by Margaret Alva, Governor of Rajasthan. The mandatory lamp for the inauguration was decorated, with the wicks ready to be lighted. Just then, one of the helpers, who thought everything looked ready except the lamp, went up to the stage and was about to light the lamp. The announcer noted him in the nick of time, and gesticulated to him to leave the lamp alone. The poor man was taken aback and slunk away, wondering what he had done wrong. Then, within a few minutes, Ms. Alva arrived and lighted the lamp with other dignitaries, oblivious to the small drama that had just taken place.

Sporting spirit

It is usual for legislators or ministers of the ruling party to blame the previous government for any lapses, especially whenever a new party comes to power. But there are exceptions to the rule.

A case in point is the visit of Minister of State for Fisheries, Sports and Youth Services Abhayachandra Jain to the District Indoor Complex in Udupi on Tuesday. The wooden flooring at the complex, laid just two years ago, had fallen apart. Asked if he would blame the previous government for the sub-substandard work, Mr. Jain replied: “I do not want politicise the issue or blame anyone. An inquiry would be held and action would be taken against the guilty.”

Again, when a journalist pointed out that the BJP government had allocated Rs. 1.5 crore for the construction of a swimming pool nearby, Mr. Jain’s answer was equally graceful. “Funds have not been allocated. But I do not want to make political capital out of it. I will try to get funds.”

Whether this is borne of Mr. Jain’s political maturity or just a case of parties trying to cover one another, only time will tell.


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