The repaired hanging footbridge across the Madisal rivulet, which was damaged in floods during the monsoon this year, was inaugurated here on Tuesday.

The inauguration of this footbridge has brought smiles back on the faces of the people of Heroor, Uppoor and Ugelbettu villages, who faced hardships in the past four months. People from Heroor had to take a long and circuitous route to reach Uppoor and Ugelbettu villages, which were on the other side of the rivulet, and vice versa.

The opening of this bridge reduces the distance between Heroor and villages such as Uppoor and Ugelbettu by 9 km. The distance between these villages is now is just 500 metres.

The hanging bridge was constructed by a businessman, A. Vishwanath Sanil, who hails from the village, in 2008 at a cost of Rs. 30 lakh to help the people of these villages.

Mr. Sanil told presspersons here that he had spent Rs. 20 lakh on repairing the footbridge. There was pressure from the people to do something about the footbridge. Though the local MLA had promised to repair it, only a proposal for Rs. 50 lakh had been sent to the State government.

Shakuntala Heroor of the village said that people of the villages of Uppoor and Heroor had heaved a sigh of relief with the repair of the footbridge. People had to use autorickshaws and boats to travel between these villages. There were no boats for ferrying the people. It was Mr. Sanil who got two boatmen stationed for ferrying people.

“Schoolchildren, fisherwomen and factory workers had to suffer without the footbridge,” she said.

Gautham Pai, managing director of Manipal Media Group and Manipal Technologies Ltd., inaugurated the footbridge.