Thursday is the fourth day of Ramzan, the holy month for Muslims. Some young people who are fasting shared their thoughts on the holy month. Though fasting is a part of Ramadan, more importantly, it is a time for thinking over spiritual matters, they said. The fasting time lasts for 14 hours and no food or water is partaken during the day.

Some of the young people The Hindu spoke to said that it is a time for contemplating on spiritual aspects more than just concentrating on diets and schedules. “Some college students just fast and then binge. They forget the spiritual aspect, which is sad.

It is a time to think, ask questions, and seek answers, it is not about thinking of being deprived of food,” said Nishitha Ayesha Ashraf, who is studying dentistry.

She said that the fasting period makes one understand the circumstances of the less privileged and to appreciate those who are less fortunate. It is also a time when people can empathise with the needy and give alms to them.

The first 10 days are manageable but the next 10 days become more challenging, she said. She tries not to walk a lot and takes an autorickshaw instead. "I don't exert myself physically," she said. "Yes! Indeed it gets tougher, physically and emotionally," said Shaaz Mohammed, a student of cinematography at Film and Television Institute (FTII), Pune. As the days progress, the fasting gets progressively challenging even as the time is reduced toward the end of Ramzan.

It is a misconception that heavy and spicy food are eaten. “It is normal food (that is consumed during the fasting period)," said Nishitha who takes packed food with plenty of water, sweet dates and bananas.

About the rigours of fasting, Shaaz said that an important factor to follow is to keep oneself hydrated. More often than not, it's psychological but it is not a big problem.

“After breaking the fast, one needs to consume a lot of water though uniformly, till day break, simply to hydrate you,” he said. He also said that since one cannot eat a lot immediately after fasting, it is important to space out the meals, breaking the fast with dates, fruits and juices. He has stopped gymming, he said.

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