Owners, occupants, tenants will start getting cards after 18 months

The ongoing survey of an estimated 2.5 lakh properties – residential, commercial, and agricultural – in and around Mangalore will result in owners, occupants or tenants getting property cards that will mirror the ground reality.

V. Ponnuraj, Commissioner, Survey Settlement and Land Rcords and Head, Urban Property Ownership Records Project, said this while interacting with Mangalore councillors and citizens on Monday.

He said the survey could be completed in about 18 months. The cards would enable prospective buyers of property to take a decision on transactions on the basis of this single document which will have complete legal backing. A similar survey in Mysore and Shimoga had been completed and only one third of the properties remained to be surveyed in Hubli-Dharwad. Though the exercise was started in Bellary and Mangalore, the services of the private partners of the project had to be terminated in Mangalore, which delayed the project. A new private partner had begun the work. “Out of 100 (property) transactions in Mangalore, 50 will have complications,” he said adding that the survey had already been completed in the Kuloor Ward and experience was positive. At present RTC and Municipal khatha were being used for transactions in Mangalore. This had led to unscrupulous elements duping gullible buyers by registering sale deed based on khatha certificate – a document lacking legal backing.

Excess land

Replying to questions raised by councillors, Mr. Ponnuraj said property owners who are in possession of more land than shown in the records may lose right over the land as it could be marked for acquisition or it could have happened due to shift in the boundary.

In the event of latter, the owner of adjoining property, who could have lost that much land may benefit. Stating in most cases the excess property could be an encroached Government land. With the issuance of cards, Mangalore City Corporation would be able to acquire such property for road widening. The part of the land closer to roads would be earmarked as being in excess of what records show.

In case property owners are abroad, the surveyors would attempt to send emails or smses if their phone numbers are made available by neighbours. Otherwise entire block of vacant land would be given a property number and marked as a block which could resurveyed at a later date when the owner surfaces. The properties whose owners are dead would be registered under the joint name of legal heirs if it has not been divided, Mr. Ponnuraj clarified. Notices will be issued owners of property and neighbours before conducting survey, he assured.

Former Mayors Shankar Bhat and Shashidhar Hegde and members such as Mariamma Thomas raised concerns of citizens about the property card. Mayor Gulzar Banu presided.

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