It was all fun and games at the “Tuluvara Parba”, held in a field near the Venkataramana Temple in Kulai. A host of traditional sporting activities lent an old world charm to the entire event, which was organised by Ajay Club, Kulai

On Sunday, the field in Kulai wore a festive look. A game similar to “kabaddi”, the only variation in this game was that “hopping” was the designated mode of manoeuvre for the “catchers” was played. A wrestling competition was also held.

A number of stalls were set up at the venue. Products such as ornamental fish, homemade pickles, and herbal medicines were up for sale.

A pair of bulls, belonging to the “kambla” breed, was showcased. Some birds were seen being prepared for the traditional cockfight. The programme had begun with a “beedi”-rolling competition. Ten women bent over baskets nimbly rolling leaves. In another competition, women wove mats out of palm leaves. They used just their fingers and toes to deftly bring the leaves together to create a mat.

A personal-vintage collection of vehicles attracted attention at the event. The collection included old motorcycles and scooters, and a vintage Austin.

Various kinds of headdresses worn during the kolas ceremony were displayed at a stall, which had four or five interested buyers.

The same stall showcased implements and domestic articles made of natural material such as wood.

The range included a spice box and various agricultural implements.

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