S.S. Khazi demands Rs. 5 lakh for its failure to maintain the highway between Pumpwell and Talapady.

An advocate from Someshwar has issued a legal notice to National Highway Authority of India demanding compensation of Rs. 5 lakh for its failure to maintain the National Highway between Pumpwell and Talapady.

The notice issued by S.S. Khazi said the Navayuga Udupi Tollway Private Limited, which had been assigned the task of widening the highway, had failed to maintain and repair the existing road which was in violation of contract conditions.

Bad condition of the road stretch had considerably slowed down the movement of vehicles – 5 kmph for four-wheelers - and caused hardship to people.

Criticising the explanation by the NHAI that it would be repaired after the rainy season, Mr. Khazi sought to know whether the company had been exempted from maintaining the road during rainy season. The bad condition of the road had forced him to go to the court on a two-wheeler that had led to pain in his legs and hands.

Mr. Khazi said the NHAI had been silent even after noticing the failure of the firm in acting as required under the contract. He had alleged that the firm saved money that it needed to spend on maintenance. He had asked the Secretary to Union Ministry of Surface Transport to order an inquiry into this fraud.

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