Area councillor says loose soil caused the subsidence while residents said it was because of the poor quality of work done by Mangalore City Corporation.

A newly laid road in Maroli ward in the city has subsided at two stretches. Some residents in the ward alleged that it was because of poor quality of work done by Mangalore City Corporation.

Sachin Maroli, an advocate and resident of the ward, told The Hindu that the corporation paver-finished the road with tar between Tarethota (near Sandesha School of Art and Culture) on the National Highway 66 and Marigudi temple at an estimated cost of Rs. 97,000 in the last week of May.

The road has now subsided in front of an apartment which was under construction and near a culvert. In addition, the road had begun withering away. It was nothing but proof of poor quality of work, he alleged.

The advocate said that the road had been laid after four years. Its foundation had not been laid properly. The road had been asphalted without laying large-size gravel.

Ashok, president, Maroli Hitarakshana Samithi, alleged that the tar on the road begun withering away in just a week after it was laid.

Mr. Ashok said that the samiti would meet shortly to take a decision on its future course of action.

When The Hindu visited the spot on Sunday, an autorickshaw driver refusing to go beyond the damaged stretch in front of an apartment under construction. He was found arguing with two women passengers who had hired the body of the autorickshaw would be hit and damaged if he drove on the road. The passengers asked the driver to take them to their house through an alternative road by covering more distance.

James D'Souza, councillor, Maroli ward, told The Hindu that loose soil was the cause for subsidence following completing underground drainage work in May.

The councillor said the repair work at the two stretches would start from Monday.

M. Ramesh, Executive Engineer, Mangalore City Corporation, said he could not remember having received any complaint about the subsidence of the road. He would look into the issue on Monday.