Three fishermen, who went missing on July 23, were found 30 nautical miles off the coast near Kozhikode in Kerala on Thursday evening. Mohan Bengre, a neighbour of the missing fishermen, said that they had contacted their family members and had stated that they were being brought to Pudiyapu fishing harbour, five km north of Kozhikode.

He said that the harbour was a 10-hour journey from the place where they found the three fishermen in their boat.

The three fishermen would reach the harbour Friday morning.


Manoj, Francis and Vincent of Thota Bengre had been adrift since the night of July 23, when they were forced to anchor their boat after its engine failed.

Mr. Mohan said that the rope broke under the strain of the rough sea, setting them adrift.

They had food only for a day and had contacted their families by a cellphone the day before they were adrift at sea, Mr. Mohan said.

He said that the men would reach Mangalore Friday afternoon by train.

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