The councillors fail to reach a consensus on banning hoardings

The council of Mangalore City Corporation at its meeting on Thursday resolved to ban putting up posters at public/private places in the city.

The Commissioner of the corporation Harish Kumar K. told the council that posters at public places were spoiling the beauty of the city. Posters were pasted on government buildings, bus stops, and bus-stands, flyovers, compound walls, and other public/private places. Recently, posters were found on the compound wall of the residence of a judge in the city.

He said that many dignitaries from outside Mangalore who visited the city had spoken to him on the need to do away with the menace of posters at public places.

Mr. Kumar said that the corporation had stopped issuing permission for pasting posters. But at some places they were being pasted illegally. A blanket ban on pasting posters would enable the corporation to initiate legal action against the offenders.

Some councillors said there was a need to ban erecting certain kinds of hoardings (of functions, greeting others) in the city. The Commissioner said that certain types of hoardings on functions being held outside the city such as in Kasaragod and Sullia were put up in the city. The city did not need such hoardings. Although the councillors discussed about it, the House did not arrive at a consensus on banning such hoardings. Finally, it was resolved to ban pasting posters.

New vented dam

The council resolved to constitute a committee to study and take a decision on sanctioning Rs. 35.50 crore additionally to Karnataka Urban Water Supply and Drainage Board (KUWSDB) for completing the new vented dam at Thumbe across the Netravathi.

L.N. Anand, Executive Engineer of KUWSDB, Mangalore, told the council that the estimated cost of constructing the dam had escalated from Rs. 40 crore to Rs. 75.50 crore because of changes in the design. The height of the dam would be increased from 10 metres designed earlier to 12 metres. In addition, upgraded quality of concrete would be used. The cost of civil works had gone up.

Progress of works

The councillors said that works were not progressing at the expected level. The official promised the House that the works would be completed by December, 2013.

They said the demand for additional funds by the Board should be studied. A committee would do that.

Council hall

The council resolved to authorise Nirmiti Kendra to repair the council hall at the city corporation building at an estimated cost of Rs. 33.48 lakh. Air-conditioners would be fitted to the hall and it would be modernised, the Commissioner said. Mayor Gulzaar Banu presided over the meeting.

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