REPORTER’S DIARY: The emcee often blurts out unintentionally hilarious things.

With a crowd that is eagerly waiting for you to leave the podium, being an emcee is a difficult job. And it isn’t surprising that in the nervousness, the emcee often blurts out unintentionally hilarious things.

During a felicitation of retiring principals, instead of introducing principal ‘D. Devraj’, the emcee said ‘Devaraj Urs’ – the former Chief Minister.

The crowd burst into laughter, and the emcee tried valiantly to cover up, exhorting Devraj as the Arasu (King in Kannada) of his college. The elaborate cover up even stretched on after the principal’s speech, with the emcee saying: “Through the speech, Devraj has proved us why he is the arasu of this college.”

And during the felicitation, he twice asked the chief guest to wrap a haal (milk in Kannada) instead of shawl. Quickly, he covered up, explaining that the shawl was as smooth as haal.


REPORTER'S DIARY: Nothing official about itSeptember 29, 2013

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