Many want security to be tightened on Manipal varsity campus

While some students and local people have expressed their satisfaction over the arrest of the three suspects in the Manipal gang-rape case, some others felt that the police action was a bit slow.

Shoubik Ray, who graduated from Manipal Institute of Communication, said the police had done a good job in “nabbing the culprits” within a week of the incident. The action of the police would be a reassurance to students and the local people.

Mithun Shet, who got his postgraduation from MIC, said the police had done a quick job and people were satisfied with it. But, the faith that students had on local populace might never return, he feels. “Now the legal process should not get delayed. Only then, the students might feel reassured,” he said.

An engineering student, who did not wish to be named, said that police were not quick in arresting the culprits. The police should have prevented the crime, he said.

Proper security measures needed to be taken on the Manipal University campus. There was a compound wall and gates surrounding the entire campus of Manipal Institute of Technology. But the Kasturba Medical College campus was porous with random vehicles entering it, he said.

Vaidehi, writer, said that she was satisfied with the police action in the case. But she was initially sceptical as there was a popular perception that the investigations were proceeding slowly. “But it is important that the accused are punished. Steps should be taken to see that such incidents do not recur. Security should be tightened on the varsity campus,” she said.

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