Government Wenlock Hospital will get a superspeciality centre for non-communicable diseases, said U.T. Khader, Minister for Health and Family Welfare, at a meeting held at Wenlock Hospital on Thursday.

Rajashri, Deputy Resident Medical Officer (RMO), Government Wenlock Hospital, said the superspeciality centre with 250 beds was an “envelope” for the hospital, which was good for the hospital. “It will be like the superspeciality centre in Victoria (Hospital, Bangalore)," she said. Funds for it will be sourced from the National Health Mission.

R. Narayan, State Nodal Officer, NHM, said bed occupancy should be 80 per cent with 20 per cent vacant at any given time.

Nishchith, Deputy Chief Finance Officer, NHM, said the hospital would increase the number of beds from the current 705 beds to 1,000. Lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, cardiac problems, and cancer would be treated at the superspeciality centre.

At the discussion held with Mr. Khader, doctors said there were several more services needed at the Wenlock Hospital including better facilities for the burns ward. All government schemes were implemented with the same infrastructure. “We accommodate so many schemes but all from the same place…we don’t have a special blood bank here…we don’t have an emergency ward,” she said. The hospital does 345 dialyses every day but machines belong to 2000 and 2005.

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